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Integrated Locking

Proximal Humerus System

UnifiMI Fastener System Highlights

  • Designed to engage twice as much bone when loaded in any direction, as compared to a standard buttress screw.

  • Fasteners have been shown to resist multi-planar and multi-directional loads.

  • 4.0mm fastener improves bone capture and engagement in good and compromised bone.

Metaphyseal Drill Guides

Offered in two different lengths


Our UnifiMI technology empowers are surgeons with the clinical benefits of resistance of mulit-planar and multi-directional loads to create Mechanical Integration. The OsteoCentric Integrated Proximal Humerus System is the first-ever system of its kind designed to mechanically integrate the implant to bone and maintain fixation in the race to healing. 


The OsteoCentric Integrated Locking Proximal Humerus System includes:


4.0mm Locking Fasteners:

  • 14–60mm lengths in 2mm increments


3.5mm Fasteners:

  • 10–50mm lengths in 2mm increments 

  • 55mm & 60mm


Two different size Metaphyseal Drill Guides:

  • Metaphyseal Drill Guide, Short

  • Metaphyseal Drill Guide


Plate Options:

  • 3 hole (90mm)

  • 5 hole (115mm)

  • 7 hole (140mm)

What's Inside


4.0mm Locking Fasteners

Offered in 2mm increments from 14mm to 60mm.


3.5mm Fasteners

Offered in 2mm increments from 10mm to 50mm, 55mm and 60mm. 

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