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Current Products

Featuring UnifiMI® Technology


7.0mm & 8.0mm Cannulated Fastener Set

Fully Threaded and Variable Thread Screw Fasteners  

  • UnifiMI technology resists multi-planar and multi-directional loads through Mechanical Integration. 

  • Optimized variable thread length 7.0mm fastener redefines sacroiliac fixation with full bone purchase across the depth of the sacrum.

  • Differentiated 8.0mm provides nearly 40% more bone volume engagement compared to a 7.0mm.


Headless Compression System

Discover Unparalleled Stability via Integrated Fixation 

  • Instant primary stability created by innovative thread geometry and cutting flute technology. 

  • Consistent major and minor diameter to provide seamless intraoperative removal and adjustments. 

  • Variable pitch interlocking threads designed to optimize compression and resist off-axis loads.


Proximal Humerus System

First-Ever Proximal Humerus System featuring UnifiMI Technology 

  • UnifiMI technology resists multi-planar and multi-directional loads.

  • Designed to engage twice as much bone when loaded in any direction as compared to standard screws.

  • 4.0mm fastener improves bone capture and engagement in good and compromised bone.


The OsteoCentric Integrity-SI® Fusion System

OsteoCentric’s UnifiMI technology is the perfect complement to the Integrity SI Fusion System, providing improved load sharing and stability to an already proven, minimally invasive, single or dual implant SI fusion approach.

OsteoCentric Spine MIS Pedicle Fastener System

UnifiMI Technology in a pedicle fastener application allows for an increase in stiffness in all planes including axial, lateral medial bending, flexion, and extension compared to the standard buttress thread option.


Integrated Locking Distal Fibula Plates

Ultra-low Construct Profile at 1.7mm Thin  

  • Fasteners provide on and off-axis load resistance with the bone.

  • Designed to improve construct stability.

  • Distal holes allow flexibility between locking and non-locking fasteners.


Schanz Pin Fastener Set​

  • Designed to limit pin loosening & micromotion.

  • Universal Compatibility: 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm pins available.

  • Improved bone implant interface 2x resistance to off-axis loads*


Small Fragment Set

Reimagined with UnifiMI Technology

  • Proven technology installed in more than 80+ Level 1 Trauma Centers.

  • Set includes locking and non-locking UnifiMI fasteners. 

  • Designed to increase construct stability while maintaining benefits of ultra-low profile plates.


2.7mm & 3.5mm Fastener Set

Superior Stability performance in multi-axial load environments 

  • First ever long fastener featuring UnifiMI technology to mechanically integrate with the bone to provide instant primary stability.

  • Maintains purchase strength during and after cyclic loading.

  • Reduced toggle and implant displacement.


OsteoGuard Drill Bits

Innovative drill bits designed to:  

  • Create an optimal cylindrical hole. 

  • Minimize thermal necrosis.

  • Clear debris from the flutes quicker.

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