Current Products


7.0mm & 8.0mm Cannulated Fastener Set

Fully threaded and variable thread screw fasteners  

  • UnifiMI technology resists multi-planar and multi-directional loads through Mechanical Integration. 

  • Optimized variable thread length 7.0mm fastener redefines sacroiliac fixation with full bone purchase across the depth of the sacrum.

  • Differentiated 8.0mm provides nearly 40% more bone volume engagement compared to a 7.0mm.


Headless Compression System

Discover Unparalleled Stability via Integrated Fixation 

  • Instant primary stability created by innovative thread geometry and cutting flute technology. 

  • Consistent major and minor diameter to provide seamless intraoperative removal and adjustments. 

  • Variable pitch interlocking threads designed to optimize compression and resist off-axis loads.


Proximal Humerus System

First-Ever Proximal Humerus System featuring Unifi Technology 

  • UnifiMI technology resists multi-planar and multi-directional loads.

  • Designed to engage twice as much bone when loaded in any direction as compared to standard screws.

  • 4.0mm fastener improves bone capture and engagement in good and compromised bone.

Integrated Locking Distal Fibula Plates

Ultra-low construct profile at 1.7mm thin  

  • Fasteners provide on and off-axis load resistance with the bone.

  • Designed to improve construct stability.

  • Distal holes allow flexibility between locking and non-locking fasteners.

Schanz Pin Fastener Set​

  • Designed to limit pin loosening & micromotion.

  • Universal Compatibility: 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm pins available.

  • Improved bone implant interface 2x resistance to off-axis loads*

Small Fragment Set

Reimagined with UnifiMI Technology

  • Proven technology installed in more than 50 Level 1 Trauma Centers.

  • Set includes locking and non-locking UnifiMI fasteners. 

  • Designed to increase construct stability while maintaining benefits of ultra-low profile plates.


3.5mm Fastener Set

Superior Stability performance in multi-axial load environments 

  • First ever long fastener featuring UnifiMI technology to mechanically integrate with the bone to provide instant primary stability.

  • Maintains purchase strength during and after cyclic loading.

  • Reduced toggle and implant displacement.


OsteoGuard Drill Bits

Innovative drill bits designed to:  

  • Create an optimal cylindrical hole. 

  • Minimize thermal necrosis.

  • Clear debris from the flutes quicker.