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Featuring UnifiMI® Technology

Cannulated Fastener System

7.0mm & 8.0mm

System Overview

The OsteoCentric Trauma Cannulated Fasteners consist of cannulated fasteners in a variety of lengths and diameters to accommodate different procedures and patient sizes. The fasteners are provided non-sterile and are manufactured from Stainless Steel per ASTM F138.

System Highlights

Resists multi-planar and multi-directional loads through Mechanical Integration.


Designed to engage twice as much bone when loaded in any direction as compared to standard screws.


24mm provides most ideal length for hip fractures*.​

What's Inside

7.0mm Cannulated Fasteners:

  • Full Thread, 24mm Partially Threaded, and Variable Threaded options 

  • 60 – 180mm lengths in 5mm increments 


8.0mm Cannulated Fasteners:

  • Partially Thread (24mm) option

  • 60 – 130mm lengths in 5mm increments 

Instruments Tray:

For a full list of Instruments, see our Product Brochure

Note: The 8.0mm fastener uses the same 5.0mm drill bit as the 7.0mm fastener, while it provides 39% more mechanically integrated bone volume with only 7.9% more metal.

Additional Information

* Reference: Liu C, Von Keudell A, McTague M, Rodriguez EK, Weaver MJ. Ideal length of thread forms for screws used in screw fixation of nondisplaced femoral neck fractures. Injury. 2019 Mar; 50(3):727-732

Insights From Dr. Weaver

Dr. Michael Weaver, orthopedic surgeon, provides a high-level overview of our 7.0mm & 8.0mm Cannulated Fastener System, featuring Unifi Mechanical Integration (UnifiMI) and discusses the clinical relevance of a 16mm washer.

The UnifiMI 24mm thread length provides superior performance in osteoporotic bone. Dr. Weaver shares the research on why this is the ideal thread length.

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