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Headless Compression System

Discover Unparalleled Stability via Mechanical Integration and
® Technology


System Highlights

Instant primary stability created by innovative thread geometry and cutting flute technology.


Consistent major and minor diameter to provide seamless intra-operative removal and adjustments.


Variable pitch interlocking threads designed to optimize compression and resist off-axis loads.

What's Inside

3.9mm Mini-Fasteners:

  • 16-34mm (2 mm increments)

  • 40-50mm (5mm increments)

2.8mm Micro-Fasteners:

  • 12-30mm (2mm increments)

Instruments Tray:

For a full list of Instruments, see our Product Brochure

Additional Information

OsteoCentric Headless Compression System Videos

Clinical Highlight: 4-Corner Wrist Fusion

Hear from Dr. William Geissler as he shares his clinical experience using the Headless Compression System to correct avascular necrosis of the scaphoid. 

Thread Geometry

The unique geometrical shape is designed to enhance bone fixation when applied to headless compression fasteners and specialty extremity implants.

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