A less invasive method to instantly secure an implant to normal or osteoporotic bone utilizing an integrated thread geometry called Unifi



  • Unique thread geometry instantly and circumferentially interlocks with bone by entrapping and containing bone between the thread form.
  • This mechanical interlocking creates a structural and functional connection between an implant and bone which performs similar to Biological Integration (Osseointegration).
  • Unlike Biological Integration (Osseointegration), the Unifi connection to bone is instant vs delayed, removable vs. permanent, and of course mechanical vs. biological. 
  • Mechanical Integration is a true platform technology capable of providing improved primary stability to Spine, Sports, Extremities, Trauma, Recon, Veterinary, and Dental implants.  

WHAT IS Unifi?

Unifi is the first Mechanical Integration technology and is now available via OsteoCentric implants and licensing. 

Dr. Michael Weaver, orthopedic surgeon, shares his perspective on the most exciting advantage of our Unifi Technology. 








Hear from thought leaders in the field of orthopedics as they share first-hand experience with our Unifi technology and the clinical benefits of Mechanical Integration. 

Dr. Philip Stahel, orthopedic surgeon and Chief Medical Officer for The Medical Center of Aurora and Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital, as he discusses the differences between a standard buttress screw thread and the new Unifi fastener from OsteoCentric Technologies. He shares his perspective into a new method to achieve instant primary stability. 


Mechanical Integration Overview

Unifi Technology Introduction

How does Unifi Prepare & Preserve bone?

Unifi combines unique instruments and implants designed to extend minimally invasive technique beyond soft tissue to bone:

  • Customized drill bits designed to preserve bone volume by drilling a true cylindrical pilot hole.
  • Unifi utilizes a proprietary tapping mechanism designed to thread bone, advance bone chips, and transform the bone into a female bone nut.
  • Unifi's unique implant thread geometry is designed to preserve the architecture of bone by minimizing radial outward forces on the bone.

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