Mechanical Integration (MI) is a minimally invasive method to instantly secure and stabilize implants to the patient's bone utilizing a proprietary bone preservation technology and unique interlocking thread geometry.


OsteoCentric Fasteners are designed to create a new standard for primary implant stability and expedite robust long-term stability for implants utilizing Osseointegration (OI). UnifiMI, the first Mechanical Integration technology, addresses the problems caused by implant instability across Spine, Sports, Total Joint Reconstruction, Veterinary, Oncology, Extremities, Trauma, SI Fusion, Maxillofacial, Orthodontia,
and Dental Implants.


From the Experts

Thought leaders in the field of orthopedics share first-hand experience with our UnifiMI technology and the clinical benefits of Mechanical Integration.

Dr. Philip Stahel, orthopedic surgeon and Chief Medical Officer for The Medical Center of Aurora and Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital, discusses the differences between a standard buttress screw thread and the new UnifiMI fastener from OsteoCentric Technologies. He shares his perspective on a new method to achieve instant primary stability, called Mechanical Integration. Dr. Michael Weaver, orthopedic surgeon, shares his perspective on the most exciting advantage of our UnifiMI Technology.

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