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Revolutionary Integrated Fixation

Utilizing Unique Surgical Thread Geometries


Founded in 2015, OsteoCentric collaborates with design surgeons to leverage the Unifi Mechanical Integration (UnifiMI) technology across orthopedics and dental. UnifiMI mechanically integrates with bone to provide instant and lasting multi-axial stability and load sharing in normal, compromised and osteoporotic bone.

FDA Clearances

Total of 9 clearances with multiple 

submissions underway

Patents Issued

11 Domestic | 54 Foreign

Design Teams

Key Opinion Leader Design Team Formation: 65 design surgeons applying Unifi to implants across: Sports, Spine, Trauma, Extremities, Veterinary, Dental, and Reconstruction


Research Publications

  • Patient Safety in Surgery 

  • Journal of Orthopedic Trauma 

  • Injury - International Journal of the Care of the Injured


Innovation Center Built in Logan, Utah Featuring:

  • Rapid prototyping machine shop 

  • Cadaveric lab

  • Production equivalent CNC “Swiss” and 5-axis Grinder


Commercial Validations

Featuring Unifi Technology:

  • Integrated Locking Distal Fibula Set

  • Long 3.5mm Bone Screw Fasteners

  • Schanz Pin Fasteners

  • Headless Compression Fasteners

  • Integrated Locking Proximal Humerus Set

  • 7.0/8.0mm Cannulated Fasteners


Innovation Center

This state of the art facility in Logan, UT, is the home of our innovation and product development.


Equipped with a full engineering team, rapid prototyping machine shop, cadaveric lab, production equivalent CNC, “Swiss” and 5-axis Grinder, OsteoCentric is paving a new road for mechanical integration technology.  

75 West 300 North | Suite 150 | Logan, UT 84321

See more inside

Meet the Engineering Team

OCT Austin Office Outside_1.jpg

Austin Headquarters

11000 N Mopac Expy | Suite 600 | Austin, TX  78759

Meet the Executive Team

Contact us today to learn more about OsteoCentric and our game-changing UnifiMI technology.



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